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Every Bit Organic Ltd are a growing organic manufacturer based in Melbourne, Victoria.

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  • RAW Olive Oil
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RAW Organic oils are not for the faint-hearted - these are fully certified, rich, natural oils sourced straight from the farmers, worldwide; including Australia. Please Click Here to see the full range of RAW oils.

The Every Bit Organic RAW range of certified organic food and cosmetic oils and extracts is the world's largest range of 100% certified organic, cold-pressed, unadulterated pure oils and extracts.

Certified Organic Hair Care

Every Bit Organic work closely with other manufacturers who specialise in providing the very best certified organic products.

Ausganica is the world's only Australian-made certified organic hair shampoo and conditioner range. It's a pleasure to support a company who are so committed to the organic movement and who are providing the most natural (83% certified) haircare on the market.

Please Click Here to see the full range of Ausganica shampoos.

Organic Farming

In keeping with the organic movement - all of our oils and extracts and sourced from Australian, and world-wide farms who care deeply about the Earth's soil. Our farmers continue to protect the land for future generations.

Health Benefits

Because the ground has not been poisoned with toxins and pesticides and because our oils are cold-pressed, unadulterated and pure: the health benefits of the RAW range are far superior to any other oils on the market.